GGMM E5 Wireless Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa, WiFi+Bluetooth, Multi Room Audio Speaker for Music Streaming, Powerful Sound with Enhanced Bass, 15 Hours Battery Life, Airplay Spotify iHeart Radio Review

  • GGMM E5 Wireless Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Review
  • GGMM E5 Portable Smart Wireless Speaker with Amazon Alexa
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GGMM E5 Wireless WiFi/ Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Battery, Featuring Hands free Answering Phone Calls, Airplay, DLNA, Spotify, Pandora, and Multi-Room Play

Customer Reviews

Clear, Easy, Great sound, Loaded with Features, Color Me Impressed

 on May 5, 2017
By Creasey
I am not your average person reviewing a Bluetooth speaker because I am a collector of quality audio products. I have 38 Bluetooth speakers, yes I said 38. I have all the popular ones from Bose, Aiwa, JBL, Klipsch, Beats, and many others. I also have mid-to-high end systems from Onkyo, Bose, and Yamaha, as well as mid-tier products from Sony, Kenwood, JL Audio, and JBL so I have heard quality products perform.

The Paramount Bluetooth Speaker

 on January 19, 2017
By Tech Just-In Co.
Of all the bluetooth speakers that I have used, this is certainly just the most amazing one. From the adjustable bass knob to the matte finish and the leather strap to the superb sound quality, this is certainly the paramount of bluetooth speakers.

I really wanted to like this, but it just didn’t fit as an integral part of my whole house stereo system; Alexa didn’t work.

 on July 14, 2017
By Neighbor_Nancy
I spent a significant amount of time with their awesome customer service to making this work, but am packing this up for return. I wanted to get it to work as one piece of an entire house wifi speaker system and was just asking too much. I purchased this because of its Wifi and Alexa functionality. The lack of detailed setup instructions made it a more time consuming and frustrating experience to set up, but emailing the company and rebooting a few apps helped with that. FYI – they responded within a few hours, which was nice and very unexpected.

A really great provider of all-around radio & music while getting ready for my day!

 on July 4, 2017
By Gadgetman49
Getting used to how this functions took awhile, but I’ve now used it for about a month and really like it! I think the instructions should be a bit better, but then once I used it every day for awhile it all became much more clear. I wanted it to replace my bathroom radio that became intermittant, mainly for me to listen to news in the mornings (and for my wife to listen to news OR music). It doesn’t always connect to my wi-fi when turned on each day… but this appears to be because the signal is a little weak in the location I have it. If it doesn’t connect, I can pick it up and move it closer to my Access Point to make the initial connection, and from then on it stays connected and works fine. i like its ability to listen to recorded podcasts from my iPhone, or easily return to one of the saved Internet radio stations. My wife is technically challanged, but even she has gotten used to it and successfully used Alexa to connect to our Amazon Music. The only negative I can think of is that there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to know which saved Internet station it is connected to (would be nice to have an LED number light up the saved station number, if not the ability to read out the station’s call letters). In conjuction, I have to re-save my stations to get them into a specific priority order for sequencially selecting them. But all in all, this is a terrific device!! I even had to make a couple of calls to their tech support when setting it up (things not explained well in the instructions), and this was a really smooth experience – a knowledgeable rep who cared about my ability to grasp the functionality. It even did two firmware upgrades ‘on its own’ within the first week – really nice support!! Great buy!

Overall: sound quality and adaptability that exceeds expectations, especially at this price!

 on October 13, 2017
By eba

The Portable Speaker that Actually Sounds Great!

 on May 4, 2017
I’m skeptical about portable speaker sound qualities, and I sure have good reasons for that… I own more than 4 of them, while the price has been dropping to unbelievable level, the sound quality is never their strengths. I’ve also been thinking about a Sonos, however, forking $500 is kinda ridiculous since I just want a portable one… so when I read the reviews of the GGMM E5, I decided to give it a try.

desk speakers I own were great quality, but this speaker really is nothing like …

 on June 11, 2017
By netters
This is my first speaker of this caliber so I do not have much to compare it to. However, I am thoroughly impressed with the sound quality and controls of this speaker. I thought the little handheld, box type, desk speakers I own were great quality, but this speaker really is nothing like those! The sound to me is similar to surround sound; deep and crisp. Setup took some time going through the instructions but I figured it all out using the instructions. I like that it comes with a carrying strap but I don’t see myself using it as I like the permanence of having it placed in one area of my house. This speaker is LOUD and I will definitely be able to hear it around my apartment without needing to move it from room to room.

This puts my other wireless speakers to shame.

 on July 19, 2017
By Kristen
This wireless smart speaker puts all of my other speakers to shame.

Great sound and functionality for its size and price

 on February 19, 2018
By Oregon Bird
For a few years I have been very happy with my 

This little speaker is amazing. It has so much sound output

 on June 25, 2017
By X
This little speaker is amazing. It has so much sound output, it sounds as big and powerful as the huge tower speakers I used to own back in the 80’s and 90’s. This speaker is not garbage, it is thin, but beefy and its weight is enough to keep it from vibrating off surfaces. I love it’s portability and function and hope to use it daily while I work in my shop or around the yard. I’m stunned by its performance.

GGMM E5 Wireless Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa, WiFi+Bluetooth, Multi Room Audio Speaker For Music Streaming, Powerful Sound With Enhanced Bass, 15 Hours Battery Life, Airplay Spotify IHeart Radio Review