Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone for Softphone and Mobile Phone – Android & Apple Compatible – UC Optimized Review

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Take pleasure in high quality sound in a premium portable design for your calls and music with the speak 710 speakerphone. The first genuinely expert and individual wireless conferencing gadget, the speak 710 boasts an omni-directional microphone for up to 6 'in room' attendees, 15 hours battery life and a Hifi grade speaker for crystal clear conversation and music.

Customer Reviews

Reliable bluetooth conference speaker

 on October 24, 2017
By fourthanmore
Upgraded from a Jabra Speak 510. Overall, volume level is higher than the 510 and sounds from your phone or PC are definitely clearer. Others have stated my voice sounds the same as when I used the 510, which is not a bad thing.

Occasional dropouts a dealbreaker

 on December 3, 2017
By Maverick
I gave the Jabra Speak 710 a go, in a 10′ x 16′ conference room with a dozen people seated around a table. The Jabra was paired with an iPhone 7 which sat on the table near the Jabra. We were generally able to hear the individuals on the phone well (see dealbreaker below), but the microphone didn’t always pick up everyone in the room very well. The inconvenient workaround was that we had to move the Jabra around, specially if the person speaking had a softer voice.

Just what the doctor ordered. No need to spend hundreds or more on pricey conference phones!

 on December 23, 2017
By The_Biffster
It just… WORKS! Whether tethered via USB of connected over Bluetooth, this diminutive dynamo of a speakerphone truly delivers the goods. It sounds as though the online participants are right there in the room with you. Sound is loud and warm, and doesn’t suffer from the “tinny” sound that most small speakerphones normally sound like. We use this in a small 12-person conference setting, and it picks up everyone very well, as long as you speak clearly. We use it almost exclusively with Skype where all of the online participants — in addition to the 12 or so local in-room participants — can easily hear everyone’s comments, and we can clearly hear the online speakers as though they’re right there in the room with us.

Perfect for speakerphone needs and also plays music decently

 on January 23, 2018
By Hoppaguy
The main question you need to ask prior to purchasing the Jabra Speak 710 is do I need a great quality speakerphone or do I want to blast music. If you want to blast music, this is not your speaker but if you need a speakerphone for professional needs, then you cannot best this speakerphone. The Jabra 710 is incredibly portable and comes with a travel case. Where it really shines is as a speakerphone, i have many meetings with 3 or 4 people and I have not had any complaints about not hearing anybody. The device pairs seemlessly to my iPhone via Bluetooth. As for music, the speaker can hold its own in a small office. I have jazz and classical music playing all day and it sounds great. Battery life is fantastic as I can get through a whole day on 1 charge. Overall, if your needs are primarily speakerphone and then good quality music (not at high volumes), then this is a fantastic speaker.

Make sure you upgrade your firmware

 on November 8, 2017
By John M
I’m writing this review so that others might learn from my experience. I got a pair of these and they were easy to setup and relatively intuitive. Unfortunately my voice was faint over calls. I was going to return them until I decided to see if there was a firmware upgrade possible for these units. Turns out after installing the Jabra Direct software my units (and the dongles) had firmware updates available. After the firmware update, the units worked perfectly.

A must for the conference call junkie

 on June 29, 2018
By Aníbal Rojas
First I bought one to try it. It worked flawlessly out of the box. The controls are extremely simple to use and handy. Being able to quickly tap a large target to mute provides a lot of value. The volume buttons in the Jabra 710 are half the step of the regular on-keyboard volume steps on macOS, this is sweet. The feedback provided by the lights pattern and colors is excellent. The kickstand is small but has a solid build and a soft snap. The audio quality is excellent as pure speakers on a paired stereo configuration they would be quite expensive and difficult to justify. The value is in their use as speakerphones, period. Said this, I got the other and I use them paired. I live conference calls and with the paired set the quality of the sound feels even better and I use it as my default speakers for music and such. I would take half a star off because 1) When paired there is an audio glitch of about a second whenever sound starts to play, is like the software of the speakers negotiating the stereo configuration. This is a just a small glitch but it is annoying, hopefully, there will be a firmware update to optimize this. 2) Pairing is lost when they are powered down. 3) When I sleep my MBP I need to wait some seconds to be able to power the speakers down or they just power up again. But these things are minor and likely to be addressed on a firmware update. Overall this is a go if you want to make to have conference calls with the best audio possible.

Wow! I use this all the time and it works great!

 on December 3, 2017
By Computer Junkie
Pros: Great sound quality. Wireless is awesome. Mic works wonders even in large rooms. Bluetooth, wireless dongle or wired connection – the flexibility rocks! I use this for conference calls all the time and a fully charged battery lasts a fairly long time (I haven’t had time to measure it).

very good for both calls and playing media on my PC

 on March 1, 2018
By G. Sullivan
In response to colleagues who stated that I wasn’t as clear on my older Jabra Speak 510, I upgraded to the 710 and it has been outstanding. I have been told that I come across loud and clear to those I call and the speaker is very, very good for both calls and playing media on my PC. I tested myself by leaving a voicemail at my office and it sounded great. I’m very happy with the purchase.

Worked great in hotel meeting room with roughly 20 meeting participants

 on February 10, 2018
By TechChick
My company held an offsite meeting at a hotel that did not have a conference phone in the meeting room. I purchased this speaker in order to use my cell phone for the call. Pairing with my iPhone 7 was super simple. Jabra obviously designed this speaker for convenience. I wish the Bluetooth speakers I have at home paired as easily as this one. The speaker worked exactly as we had hoped. The conference seating set up with multiple long tables in a horseshoe configuration with roughly 20 people present plus two onsite presenters at the front of the room (open end of the horseshoe). I was seated with the speaker at the midpoint of one of the tables forming the “legs” of the horseshoe. All of the participants and the onsite presenters were able to interact with the remote participant. The sound quality was good. Our CEO was very pleased with how well the speaker performed.

Great speakerphone that’s also great for listening to music in the office

 on March 23, 2018
By Christopher B.
I just love this device! I had two different needs that various “bluetooth speakers” try to address: speakerphone and music. I first considered devices more aimed at music – like the JBL Charge, but their speakerphone performance isn’t as good as this, they’re bulkier, and they generally use a separate charger/usb-cable. I also tried having two separate devices like a Jabra Speak 510 for calls and another bluetooth speaker for music, but that just makes things messy and complicated. Finally, I tried the 710 (this device) and it meets both my needs really well. Call quality is fantastic and music sounds really good with respectable bass. It’s not a bass-shaker, but it’s plenty for me to occasionally rock-out in my office 🙂 And plenty loud for multimedia presentations in a meeting room.

Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone For Softphone And Mobile Phone - Android & Apple Compatible - UC Optimized Review
Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone For Softphone And Mobile Phone - Android & Apple Compatible - UC Optimized Review
Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone For Softphone And Mobile Phone - Android & Apple Compatible - UC Optimized Review

Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone For Softphone And Mobile Phone - Android & Apple Compatible - UC Optimized Review

Jabra Speak 710 UC Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone For Softphone And Mobile Phone - Android & Apple Compatible - UC Optimized Review