Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Red Dot – Retail Packaging Review

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Amazon Price: $299.99 (as of January 17, 2019 5:45 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

BIG JAMBOX Wireless SmartSpeaker

Big Sound

BIGJAMBOX turns any phone, tablet or mobile phone into a portable, hi-fi stereo. Now you can play music, movies, and computer game and fill even the most significant locations withsound Accuracy-tuned vehicle drivers and double passive bass radiators operate in show to produce remarkably clear, total audio at any volume.


Stream all your digital media from any Bluetooth device and control BIG JAMBOX from throughout the space, or utilize the buttons on the top to pause, play, and avoid. With an incorporated rechargeable battery that last as much as 15 hours, you can celebration throughout the day or night– anywhere.

Portable Style.

With its stainless-steel building and construction and compact size, BIG JAMBOX is the ideal buddy for any smart phone. Take it with you from space to space or share your sound anywhere– like the beach, park, hotel, lawn, roof, jacuzzi, or swimming pool.

Reliable Speakerphone.

BIGJAMBOX has actually a constructed-in microphone that lets you get a kick out of hands-complimentary calls and video talks making use of Skype, GoogleTalk, and FaceTime. Whether you remain in a meeting room or cooking in the cooking location, your discussions will come through loud, crisp, and clear.

LiveAudio Consisted of.

Unique LiveAudio innovation lets you experience your music like never ever in the past– as if you’re sitting front row, hearing it live. LiveAudio exposes abundant layers of audio that you can get all around you. Turn it on and immerse yourself in 3D sound. LiveAudio is a technological advancement that lets you experience your music, video games, video, and more like never ever in the past– as if you’re on stage, in the action, hearing it live. This immersive, 3-dimensional listening experience brings incredible depth, info, and amazing spatial realism to whatever from mp3s to unique binaural recordings. It resembles hearing your preferred music and audio product for the first time– the method it was implied to be heard.

Smart and Updateable.

BIGJAMBOX is no routine speaker– it’s a SmartSpeaker that advances and improves with time. Plug into Jawbone’s MyTALK site to customize BIG JAMBOX and download unique product, apps, and software application updates. Stay present by downloading the most current software application enhancements for your Jawbone gadget. Email and text using your voice, hear calendar notifies, get LiveAudio for JAMBOX, and more. Modification the voice of your Jawbone, handle settings, even call your device.

Exactly what remains in plan.

BIGJAMBOX, wall battery charger, stereo cable television, and micro-USB cable television service.

Customer Reviews

Big Jambox vs Bose Soundlink… Side by side

 on May 20, 2012
By M. Campbell
I’ll admit it, I’ve got a bit of a fetish for speakers. ESPECIALLY mobile speakers. I tend to get just about every noteworthy new set that comes along. So it’s no surprise I immediately had to try BOTH of the big kids on the bluetooth block: the SoundLink from Bose and the Big Jambox from Jawbone. I had already been impressed with the sound and form factor of the Bose (which has been out a while now) My Big Jambox arrived last Wednesday and I could finally put them side by side for a “jam-off”.

Nice and loud volume, but not enough bass. I have tested about 5 bluetooth speakers under $300 and this is the least value

 on December 25, 2015
By C.H.
Nice and loud volume, but not enough bass. I have tested about 5 bluetooth speakers under $300 and the best, in order is as follows:


 on March 29, 2016
By salamoalekom
I’M IN LOVE WITH MY PURCHASE !! I ordered the JAWBONE BIG JAMBOX only because a good friend has one and I loved the great sound quality. I ordered a used one that was described as damaged. These usually run for about $200 and I was willing to run the risk for a whopping $116 for a used one that came with all the accessories included and the retail box it came in. To be honest I was super anxious and hoped the damage wouldn’t be too bad. As soon as I received it, it was as if I had purchased a NEW one. The sound quality is awesome as expected. I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER! The accessories were still in their retail wrapping, intact, and unused. The damage wasn’t that bad at all. It was just a bumped corner. The bumped corner doesn’t take away from a 5 star review. NOT TOO SHABBY.

Good sound quality for small speakers

 on January 31, 2013
By Geronimo
I purchased the white Big Jambox on a lightning deal for around $235. I’d never pay close to $300 for this, which is the regular price. For advertised as being a BIG Jambox, it’s not that big at all. In fact, it is still pretty small. That has its pros and cons. As far as packaging goes, the big jambox will pretty much blend into any decor. There are a few buttons on top, and the rest is a mesh screen. The sound quality for the size of this unit is very good. The sound quality of this compared to a good home stereo, well, doesn’t even compare. The mids and high tones are pretty good, but this unit is sorely lacking in any real bass response. After all, what do you expect out of something that has 2 inch speakers in it? For what it is, and what it was designed to do, it does it very well. It is a portable stereo bluetooth speaker that has very good battery life (will run all day), and works flawlessly with an iPhone 4s. I was able to get better sound quality by using the EQ built into the iPhone, and selecting either the Rock or R&B setting.

Worth every penny!!

 on November 12, 2016
By Lindsey
I owned a Big Jambox for about four years before it started to sound less awesome than when I bought it. Immediately I knew I had to order an exact replacement. There is no speaker out there that is as amazing for portable music than this guy. Not only is the music quality incredible, but the Jambox is easy to use, it’s sturdy, and it lasts forever. Most importantly, the battery life is absolutely insane. I can charge this thing up and then listen to music on and off for WEEKS before the battery needs to be recharged. I’ve taken this thing to the beach, to parties, everywhere. It is ultra reliable, portable, and amazing sound quality. It is a bit pricy for a portable speaker, but the quality is so out of this world, that I say it is worth every penny!

An excellent very powerful well designed high quality bluetooth sound system at a very reasonable price point

 on July 31, 2016
By Z. Johnson
My brother owned the smaller original Jambox. I was blown away when I heard it, and for a long time I wanted to get my own. After reading so many rave reviews about the Big Jambox online, I decided I definitely wanted to get one. I had very high expectations based on what I read, and honestly the Big Jambox delivered on every front. In this case the overwhelming numbers of great Amazon reviews were correct. I got a red one, and I really love it.

Boom! Nice sounding wireless speaker

 on July 20, 2017
By Seth
This jambox has great sound to it, and very loud! Be careful who you buy this from, the first seller I bought this from (Digital and More) packaged this in some generic cheap cardboard box and the way they packed it the AC charger rubbed against the actual speaker itself and scratched it up. It also had yellowing on the tape and overall looked like it had been sitting in a warehouse for a while with the dust also collected on the tape.

Awesome BT boombox

 on September 2, 2017
By HeyoPrinsen
Jambox bluetooth speakers are pretty awesome. I really like this particular unit. It sounds great. It’s very very loud and can fill huge rooms and even be used outdoors. The bass is boomy also. Minus one star since the MINI Jambox has a more refined sound signature that I wish this bigger box had. The BIG Jambox has a spike in the mid-low frequency range that makes it sounds just ever so slightly muddy. Thankfully, Spotify has an EQ so I just EQ that frequency (400hz) down a few dB. Even with that one quirk, this comes very easily recommendable. Just note that this product is end of life and doesn’t have much support from the manufacturer.

Crowd pleaser

 on October 28, 2017
By Jonathan Nuno
I bought this item a little over a year ago and it has done wonders for me. No it can’t make my breakfast but it can certainly make cooking a lot more enjoyable. I’m going to review what the consumer really wants to know.

Excellent device

 on April 30, 2017
By Stephen S
Excellent sound…best I’ve had in any of the bluetooth speakers I’ve owned. Speakerphone is top notch as well. Suggest modifying sound settings on your phone or device to get the best sound range, especially bass. Get the hard case…I did and it helps to take it on trips and not worry about damage.

Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Red Dot - Retail Packaging Review
Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Red Dot - Retail Packaging Review
Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Red Dot - Retail Packaging Review

Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Red Dot - Retail Packaging Review

Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker - Red Dot - Retail Packaging Review