Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth speaker Review

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Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth speaker 

Good quality portable speakers are hard to come by these days, but you can always trust Bose. Bose has always made amazing speakers that have yet to disappoint their fans. This SoundLink Micro is no different. Not only are you getting a speaker that is going to play some of the best music through its speakers, but you are getting a speaker that is easy to carry around! There’s no weird shape to deal with or a bulky machine. This speaker is seriously small, but it packs an amazing punch. Everyone is going to stop you when they see and hear the speaker that is producing the amazing sound when you’re at the beach or camping! The only regret you’ll have is not purchasing this sooner.

Best Features of Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth speaker

The sound is absolutely unmatched on this speaker. The Bluetooth is easy to connect with, and the music you’ll be playing is loud and clear. People are going to be hearing it at the next campsite over, and you’ll have some adoring fans dancing to your music at the beach too. This speaker is completely waterproof from the inside out, so you don’t even have to worry about submerging it at all! The exterior is soft and rugged, so forget about dents and scratches. Also, there is a handle so you can hold it that is tear resistant. Strap it onto your bike or your backpack without any worries! The battery plays for six or so hours, and it even has a speakerphone if you want to make conference calls for any reason. If you were hoping to connect to Siri or Google Assistant, this speaker makes it really easy to do so. The dimensions on this small speaker is 3.87 inches x 3.87 inches x 1.37 inches.


The sound is probably the best you’ll find for a speaker of this size. Bose didn’t skimp out on the quality of the speaker even though it is small. Also, it is easy to use and hold onto. It’s so small you might even lose it! Seriously though, the waterproofing is so nice. You don’t need to worry about it being submerged into water, which is a huge perk. While you might not have been looking for it, the Siri connection is really nice because it allows you to switch your music without having to touch all the buttons if your hands are dirty or sandy. It comes in handy!


The speaker is $100, and it doesn’t come with a charger or case. You have to buy those separately, so it might be a bit spendy for people who weren’t looking to spend more than a couple bucks on a speaker. But, you get what you pay for with situations like this.

Final Verdict

This Bose speaker won’t disappoint. It might be a little pricey, but it is worth it. Ultimately, you’ll have to decide what will work for you, but this small speaker is really easy to take around. For the quality that you get, you shouldn’t worry about the price. It’ll last you a long time.

Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth speaker description

The Bose Sound Link Micro Bluetooth speaker provides sound so good for a speaker its size, you’ll never ever leave it behind. Exclusive Bose technology produces loud, clear sound– even outdoors– thanks to its custom-mounted transducer and passive radiators. All from a speaker that’s at house in your hand. It’s likewise water resistant from the within out, has a soft however rugged outside and tear-resistant silicone strap, so it’s all set to take with you on all life’s adventures. Attach it to your backpack or cooler, and do not stress if it falls on the walkway or in the sand. And if you drop it in the swimming pool, just dry it off and keep playing. Take pleasure in as much as 6 hours of play time with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Pair your smart device or tablet wirelessly and quickly with Bluetooth connectivity and voice prompts. Press a button and take phone calls aloud directly through the speaker with crisp, clear Bose sound. The integrated speakerphone also provides you voice access to your phone’s Siri or your Google Assistant– directly through the speaker. It even deals with the Echo Dot for hands-free voice control. Want a lot more sound? Utilize the complimentary Bose Connect app to match more than one compatible Bose Bluetooth speaker for Party Mode to play the exact same music through each. Or utilize Stereo Mode to separate right and left channels. Available in Black with Black strap, Midnight Blue with Smoky Violet strap or Bright Orange with Dark Plum strap. Included: Sound Link Micro Bluetooth speaker; USB cable.

Customer Reviews

Good if you need an IP7 waterproof speaker, but sounds "like a Bose with a cold" compared to other Bose Bluetooth speakers

 on October 5, 2017
By Paul Christensen
I’m torn writing this review of the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker. On its own, and with nothing to compare, the sound is clear, undistorted, and loud enough for outdoors. It’s IP7 waterproof (you can literally dunk it in 1 meter of water for 30 min) and dust-proof, so it’s rugged for true outdoor use, biking, or a day at the beach. At 10 ounces, it’s not going to break your carry-on or backpack with weight. The built-in mounting band is brilliant – you can attach this to your belt, a strap on your backpack, even a thin bicycle handle and it locks securely. You get about 6 hours of playback on a single charge.

No other competition! Still my favorite bluetooth speaker.

 on October 10, 2017
By Justin
The Bose SoundLink Micro is far and away the best small speaker I’ve used yet. I’ve used countless no-name brand speakers and other brand names like Anker’s SoundCore mini and SoundCore Sport speakers (and countless ~20-30 dollar ‘waterproof’ speakers on Amazon) and this one absolutely blows those away.

Perfect Size, Amazing Sound!!

 on October 4, 2017
By CJ Matthews
This has huge bass, especially for a Bose product. I was totally blown away when I turned this little bad boy up. I love that it is waterproof and it definitely feels rugged. I will not be hesitant to take this biking or out in the woods and I am already turning this on when I wake up in the morning and just bringing into the shower so I don’t have to stop listening to my audiobook or music.

Perfect Combat Speaker

 on January 6, 2018
By Ethan Mckie
This is Exactly what I wanted from Bose, a water resistant speaker and tough enough to handle extream situations, I’m currently deployed in Afghanistan and this speaker is loud enough with perfect bass for its size, the sound quality is unmatched to the JBL flip 3 I have, though the JBL is louder but does not that the quality or bass I wanted.

Another Star For BOSE

 on November 9, 2017
By Wilson Charlton
I received this on tuesday, nov. 7, 2017, and it was an early Christmas gift for myself ! I opened the box, and knew, just from the weight of it, I had a quality product. The ” Instructions” paper, however, is totally useless —– unless you are really into FCC rules and warnings !! The bluetooth connection is simple and fast utilizing the universal icons.It is not necessary to use the ‘Bose Connect App’. O.K.— It feels good to touch, and it really looks good , but how does it sound ?? Let me say I was really impressed with the richness of tone listening to many genres of music. This diminutive speaker has an outstanding frequency response.The fullness of sound noted especially when playing orchestral music,which is a huge task for other tiny speakers.With the Bose Micro, each separate instrument can be heard distinctly, from the thumping tympani to the tingling triangle with no muddiness or stringency. Listener fatigue is not a factor. This is the best small speaker I have listened to !!

This Speaker hasChanged My Life.

 on January 4, 2018
By RowNut405
I went back and forth about whether to buy this thing for about a month. I already have a Bose Soundlink Revolve so buying another speaker seemed rather wasteful and redundant. But, I finally caved and bought it for myself for Christmas and I’m glad I did. It’s smaller and lighter than the Revolve making the Micro much easier to carry around, not that the Revolve is huge or anything, but its round shape makes carrying the Revolve a bit more awkward to fit comfortably into my bag. Plus, when I need a portable speaker, I tend to be carrying around a lot of crap so the less weight I can schlep around, the better. The Micro is small, sleek and lightweight making it barely noticeable in a bag or purse. The sound of the Revolve is a little more robust than on the Micro, but the Micro kicks out way more sound than I expected from such a small package. It’s very impressive and sounds great for what I need it to do. The sound is clear with good bass and shockingly powerful for such a small speaker. As an added bonus, the Micro is an amazing shower speaker. I didn’t buy the Micro with the intent of using it in the shower, but adding it to my morning routine has made a world of difference. I’m not gonna lie. I am not a morning person. Okay, that’s a huge understatement. Seriously, I wake up hating the universe and everyone in it… even you. I prefer to avoid any social interactions before noon. It’s that bad. Since I started listening to music in the shower with my trusty Soundlink Micro, my morning related rage has decreased significantly. I can now tolerate social interactions by 9:00 or 10:00. Give me a cup of Earl Gray and I can probably push it to 8:00. The little strappy thing on the back of the speaker is simple but effective for hanging the speaker in the shower or anywhere else. I come out of the shower clean, refreshed and 50% less homicidal. It’s a Festivus miracle! So in summary, I highly recommend the Bose Soundlink Micro if you just need a small, durable lightweight speaker that sounds much bigger than it is. It’s now my go-to speaker when I need one on the go and my Revolve has taken up residence at my office where it pumps out my favorite tunes keeping me awake and drowning out the drudgery of the workday.

Better than expected

 on February 1, 2018
By linjber
I bought this speaker because I have the slightly larger Bose SoundLink speaker and love it. I wanted a smaller speaker and am thrilled with this purchase. It arrived a day sooner than expected and the packaging was such that damage would be unlikely. It paired effortlessly with my iPhone 7 (Bose app was already installed) and also with my PC (no Bose app.) The sound quality is typical of what you’d expect from Bose. The controls are easy to use. The rubber strap is sturdy and snaps securely, though I probably won’t use that feature to attach it to a belt or book bag strap. My test for the day was to see if the battery really lasts up to 6 hours as advertised. It’s been playing continuously for 9 hours now and the battery is at 60%, so the battery life is considerably longer than advertised. I’d say this speaker is actually better than I expected it to be. Edit: Battery is at 50% after 13 hours of play back.

The 1st "take it anywhere" mini speaker with serious sound.

 on September 14, 2017
By oluv
The Bose Soundlink Micro is one of the first ultraportable pocketsized speakers that are really enjoying to listen to unlike the sheer mass of crappy comparable speakers promising “big bass” etc. The only comparable alternative is the B&O Beoplay P2, but it is even more expensive and is far not as rugged and suitable for portable use, thanks to its bling-bling look and finish. The Soundlink Micro is rather meant to be taken outdoors, it doesn’t matter if it falls onto stone or falls into water, as it is completely waterproof. Thanks to the built in strap/clip you can fix it to any objects, bicycle bars, belts or whatever, much better than the common carabiners or ropes or even leather loops like those from the Beoplay P2 which gets worn pretty quickly if you really start to bind the speaker around objects. Soundwise it is a tie between the Soundlink Micro and the P2, the P2 sounds maybe slightly more refined, but at half volume it does really strange stuff, bass scratches and becomes quite uncontrolled, while the Bose plays really clean, with just some slight tendency to drone in the 100hz region. The P2 is slightly louder and more dynamic at high levels, it has a larger driver together with a tweeter, while the Bose has to rely on a tiny full-range driver supported by 2 dual passive radiators. Still quite impessive what Bose squeezed out of this design. It sounds really mature and natural at levels up to 2/3, above that the sound thins out quite a bit and above 3/4 dynamic compression becomes quite noticeable. There is also some additional limiting hearable at higher levels which results in some volume fluctuation with particular content, this means the song will becomes softer, then again slowly louder during the less busy parts. The P2 does exactly the same btw, just that it is slightly more noticeable from the Bose, these are just the natural physical limits given this minuscule size of these speakers.

Very Nice

 on July 15, 2018
By sailorboy414
I am not a big fan of Bose products, but I looked at the reviews on Youtube,. Then I found it at the airport, tried it and was impressed by the sound coming out of such a small package.Bought it, but my friend heard it and he was going away the next day. He made me sell mine to him so I ordered another one. Very nice product.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

 on November 19, 2017
By Elle B.
I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I am ever so pleased. The full-bodied sound coming from this little item took my breath away. I’ve been using two little Jam speakers which have been okay with the Echo Dot, tablet, and phone, but the Bose Soundlink Micro is so much better. I can just throw it into my handbag with my phone because it is not bulky. I like that I can take it with me on the go. It is a super good extra speaker and I happily recommend it.

Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review
Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review
Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review

Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Review