OontZ Angle 3XL ULTRA : Portable Bluetooth Speaker 24 Watts of Powerful Volume, 3 Bass Radiators for Deep Rich Bass, 100ft Wireless Range, Play two together for Music in Dual Stereo, IPX5 SplashProof Review

  • Cambridge SoundWorks OontZ Angle 3XL Bluetooth Speaker
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Customer Reviews

Oontz 3XL vs 3XL Ultra vs DOSS XL

 on December 22, 2017
By Jonathan R
So I decided to purchase the 3XL ultra to see how it would compare to my other original 3XL’s Since I really liked the originals. First impression is the ultra is definitely louder and it does have more bass response than the originals 1 vs 1. First impression is the ultra is a bit louder and it does have more bass response than the original 1 vs 1. When I compare this to the DOSS Soundbox XL, Neither 3XL speakers are able to get as low. That is the one thing these Oontz speakers lack. But the overall volume and sound quality is still great. Like other reviewer’s have mentioned, once you get over maybe 80 percent total volume, the treble gets much louder but the bass gets overwhelmed. The DOSS is definitely a great speaker with high and low frequency clarity but only for low to medium listening volume. Like the ultra, once you get over 80 percent volume the bass gets overwhelmed. DOSS is just not as loud at max volume. I think either way you go you won’t be disappointed. Even at 80 percent, the ultras are just as loud as the originals at 100% so everything over that Is just extra.

Amazing bass!

 on December 14, 2017
By Shawn S.
Excellent purchase. Well worth the money. The bass is absolutely amazing. The sound is rich and clear and loud. Feels as loud as the Polk Audio soundbar for my TV. Easy to use. Quickly paired with phone. Compare with the UE Megaboom for much less money. Will work perfectly indoors or out on the porch for a wild party. The 100ft distance/range much better than that of the UE too. The only cons – not quite as rugged as the UE; be nice if it were truly waterproof as opposed to only resistant, but not a deal killer at all.

These speakers rock!

 on January 24, 2018
By Lee3m
The Oontz Angle 3XL ULTRA speakers rock! My primary intent for these speakers is to enjoy music both inside and outside my home, streaming from either a PC, a stereo receiver, or a satellite receiver. The Bluetooth range has been greatly expanded from the prior version of this speaker and I can say that these speakers deliver great sound indoors or outdoors. I have used them in a left-right stereo configuration at various volume levels and they really delivered! It’s amazing that speakers this small can produce such incredible sound! I had read several reviews regarding some issues that were resolved with a firmware update. As soon as I received the speakers I upgraded the firmware to Ver. 3.2.1 as instructed and it was a very easy process. Additionally, I have found that Cambridge SoundWorks provides superior customer service. Highly recommended!

The Smaller Angle 3 Ultra Beats the Larger 3XL Ultra

 on April 23, 2018
By hobbyist-2006
I bought this when I decided to have a bigger version of my smaller Angle 3 Ultra, whose sound I was truly impressed! I have played both now for several weeks (updated firmware) and I can’t help to notice that the smaller Angle 3 Ultra produces more bass “per unit volume”(for lack of a better term) than the larger 3XL Ultra! I don’t get it. The 3XL has 3 bass radiators but they’re not really that effective. Sure, the 3XL is louder and the audio clarity of OontZ BT speaker that I love is there. But the bass is so subtle, it’s not very satisfying, unless you put the volume to 60% and higher. OontZ really needs to update the firmware again of the 3XL Ultra. I believe it has a big potential for better audio than it presently outputs, especially the bass part. For a unit this large, the good mids and highs only makes the lack of strong bass that much more disappointing.

Upgradeable firmware fixes all! Great product, price, and customer support.

 on December 29, 2017
By SteveE
When this unit arrived, I was initially skeptical. Bluetooth issues and the sound profile issues listed in the negative reviews above meant I may have made a bad choice.

This is a good unit

 on April 4, 2018
By Alfred Fredel
This product is somewhere between a four and a five. It is a good product however, it is not earth shattering. I purchase this simply to help music in my bedroom. I am a bit of a snob and have several expensive sound systems within my house. I looked at several of these units that use Bluetooth primarily for convenience. Most of the features do not really interest me . The only thing that I was interested in was the quality of sound, Bluetooth connectivity, whether I could answer a phone call with the speaker, and stability because I am a bit of a klutz. The sheep gives it stability so it is not easily knocked over. The sound is good but the base is a little muddy given the use of passive radiators and the units small size. The mid range is acceptable and the highs could be a bit crisper. It could next well with my phone and I can answer phone calls although the sound quality could be a little bit better on the phone calls. It is simple and for someone with vision loss it works well. An added feature is that you may Perritte with a Nother unit to create a left and right channel. That is something that I might consider in the future. For the price of $100, it is a great deal. Other units are much more expensive and do not sound as good. This is a good unit.

Great speaker, great service!

 on June 4, 2018
By T. Revay
This comment is an endorsement of the OontZ Angle 3XL Ultra speaker, and Cambridge SoundWorks’ customer service. A summary —

A great deal at the price it was, a good deal at the current price. Very capable of good sound when equalized.

 on January 8, 2018
By Zube
Well…I started out to write one type of review and now I’m writing another. First, yes, the price DID just go up about $40. I bought mine for $90 and it’s a great deal at that price. At $130, it’s more complicated. Second, as others have commented, the bass did tend to step on the mid-range at reasonable volumes. I followed the advice of the manufacturer and upgraded the firmware to Ver. 3.2.1 and the problem has gone away (or greatly diminished). I’ll keep the rest of this short.

Hands down the best portable bluetooth speaker for the price

 on December 23, 2017
By Jonathan alden
Hands down the best portable bluetooth speaker for the price. I did have to update the firmware to fix the volume issue but it was a simple 3 minute process. If you have an Echo Dot this is the speaker to buy. This was my 2nd attempt to find a speaker for my Echo Dot. The great thing about it is you can pair it with a send Angle 3XL Ultra. This a great speaker to for an apartment or dorm room. I have no regrets!

Great customer service!

 on June 26, 2018
By Kate Minnich
Original post: My husband and I were very excited about this product initially, until it proved to have zero battery dependability. It would be fully charged and die within minutes of use. Repeatedly. Very disappointed.

OontZ Angle 3XL ULTRA : Portable Bluetooth Speaker 24 Watts Of Powerful Volume, 3 Bass Radiators For Deep Rich Bass, 100ft Wireless Range, Play Two Together For Music In Dual Stereo, IPX5 SplashProof Review